CJMAA Online Syllabus

Our new 'Online Video Syllabus Collection' is now available to buy


Perfect for students only able to attend once a week or those wanting to do extra revision at home.


Great for reviewing ahead of gradings!


Featuring all this and more:


* Little Dragons Forms & Drills  *Juniors & Adults Patterns  *Hand Drills  *Kick Drills  *Sparring Drills  *One Step & Advanced One Step  *Advanced Pad Drills  *Much more to come


All sections are performed at a reduced pace to allow students chance to see the techniques included. The video system also allows for videos to be played back at half speed for further focused study.


With syllabus split into both Phase Group requirements and individual elements, students and parents are able to navigate to find specific drills or review complete phase group specific lists.


Also included is a complete written list of syllabus, identical to the three displayed on the wall of our gym. This allows students to check their individual requirements and then search from the list of online content.


*INCLUDED FOR FREE* An entire additional kicking course currently retailing at £29.99


Total regular value £65


CJMAA members pay only £29.99

Over 100 videos across multiple sections.



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